Team Skullface & Fifakill win $300k World Series of Warzone Trios & Solos: Full results & prize breakdown

World Series of Warzone 2022

The World Series of Warzone’s 2022 event has concluded, dishing out a whopping $600k prize pool across North America and Europe. Team Skullface and Fifakill won in NA, but we’ve got a full breakdown of the results and prizing across both regions.

Competitive Warzone returned with 2022’s World Series of Warzone tournament in Season 5’s Caldera. There was $300k up for grabs in both the NA and EU regions, bringing the prize pool up to a mighty $600,000.

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In the EU Finals, Waartex, BBlade, and savyultras90 won the Trios, with BBlade clutching up once again for the $100k Solo Yolo win. Skullface, Mayappo, and Hisoka took first place in NA after winning two games in a row, but it was Fifakill that won the Solo Yolo.

We’ve got a full breakdown of the results and prizing, as well as a recap of the format, teams, and how you can watch the event if you missed any of the action.

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World Series of Warzone NA results & prizing

1stSkullface, Mayappo & Hisoka130$50,000
2ndBiffle, Repullze & SuperEvan106$30,000
3rdTorronix, Empathy & Braxtvn92.5$20,000
4thzSmit, Envailed & Aydan76.5$15,000
5thShadedStep, OPMarked & yeet76$12,500
6thaHTracT, Stukawaki & zColorss73.5$10,000
7thTommey, Almond & newbz71.5$8,000
8thNickool, picNICK & XenoN66$7,000
9thGyrodabest, Colony2k & WatchWaldo62$6,000
10thLiambeams, Deniro & ClassicPain61$5,500

World Series of Warzone EU results & prizing

1stWaartex, BBlade & savyultras9081.5$50,000
2ndAyzenLR, iheedz & Gromalok81$30,000
3rdEnxiun, Patzukka & stewo74$20,000
4thoekiy, Jukeyz & Lenun72$15,000
5thTheShowStopp3r, Suedzz & KingAJ70$12,500
6thPaceTG7, PieroCoD & ShuKzNorris68$10,000
7thMimque, Jaxvy & Toothy66$8,000
8thTony Wh1te, xSw33zy & Dandaman3164$7,000
9thpeLuka, tojoR & Flexz62.5$6,000
10thKayzahR, Fuzzn & cPentagon61$5,500

World Series of Warzone Solo Yolo results

After the World Series of Warzone Trios games concluded it was every player for themself in a $100k winner-takes-all Solo Yolo match, with BBlade winning the EU and Fifakill taking first place among the NA players.

BBlade earned a whopping $116k across both the EU Trios and Solo Yolos, managing to win both events. Although Storage Town was chock full of top-tier players and vehicles in NA’s final circle, Fifa clutched up and took home the $100k.

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How to watch World Series of Warzone 2022: Stream

The World Series of Warzone 2022 was broadcast on Call of Duty’s Twitch channel on September 6 and 7, but their Twitch channel still has the full VOD for both days to watch the action in full.

Plus, with so many high-profile players and streamers taking part, you can watch back their individual gameplay too.

World Series of Warzone 2022 format

There 2022 World Series of Warzone tournament took place in both the EU and NA regions, with each having a prize pool of $200k. Plus, to round off the event the Solo Yolo returned, where one player from each region took home an extra $100,000 for pulling off the solo win.

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40 teams of Trios dropped into Caldera and had to rack up as many points as possible across the event, where placement and kills counted towards the score.

The format was much the same as other Warzone tournaments such as the CDL Resurgence, so here’s a breakdown of the scoring:

  • 1 Elimination = 1 Point
  • Placement Multiplier
    • 1st = 2x Points
    • 2nd-15th = 1.5x Points
    • 16th-40th = 1x Points

World Series of Warzone 2022 teams

Some of the biggest names in Call of Duty took part in the World Series of Warzone with content creators, Warzone pros, and CDL players all fighting for their share of the $300k. Here’s a breakdown of everyone that took part.

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WSOW 2022 EU teams

There were 40 teams of invited and qualified players, and here are some of the EU teams to keep an eye on. You can check out the full list in the embedded tweet below:

  • Jukeyz, Lenun, Oekiy
  • WarsZ, Primzvh, Prxdigy
  • Vapulear, Abwizz, OMiT Junior
  • BennyCentral, jaff, QwiKer
  • Emz, Kai, Geodaub
  • MethodZSicK, CamZzz17, LouiCM

WSOW 2022 NA Teams

The NA Finals were stacked with high-profile players and familiar names, so again, we picked out a handful of teams and players to keep an eye on during September 7’s Finals and Solo Yolo.

  • Frozone, Intechs, Pieman
  • bbreadman, JoeWo, Fifakill
  • Swishem, kenzrosey, queenshadows
  • Swagg, LuckyChamu, Booyah
  • TimTheTatman, Scump, Methodz
  • HusKerrs, Unrational, ScummN
  • Aydan, Enveiled, ZSmit
  • ShawnJ, Greveey, xMrLerkx
  • SuperEvan, Repullze, Biffle
  • Tommey, Almond, Newbz

The World Series of Warzone 2022 took place in Season 5’s Caldera, and will be the last major event ahead of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 later this year. Be sure to check out all of the latest news at the Call of Duty Next event.

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Image Credit: Activision