What is Quick Fix perk in Warzone? What it does and how to equip

Liam Mackay
Warzone players in Verdansk

Quick Fix can be a powerful perk for taking out squads in Warzone, so here’s what it does and how to equip it.

The perk meta was established very early on in Warzone, and not many players shift from the classics: E.O.D, Overkill, Ghost, and Amped. However, it can be fun to go off-meta and experiment with new weapons and perks, and Quick Fix is a solid choice.

We’re breaking down what the Quick Fix perk does, how to unlock and equip it, and situations that it will be useful.

What is Quick Fix in Warzone

Warzone Quick Fix perk

With the Quick Fix perk equipped, per the game’s description, “Killing players immediately starts health regeneration.” As soon as you eliminate an enemy with a gun, melee, or throwing knife, your health will immediately regenerate to full.

The perk appears to be more designed for the fast-paced action of Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, but it can be powerful in certain Warzone situations. If you’re fighting several players at once, having to wait for your health to regenerate is often a death sentence. With Quick Fix equipped, as soon as you full-kill an enemy, your health will instantly regenerate.

You can then stay in the fight longer, and even surprise the enemy by swinging out with full health while you were one-shot only a second ago.

How to equip Quick Fix in Warzone

Quick Fix is unlocked at Level 42 in Modern Warfare and Warzone, alongside the PP19 Bizon. Once you’ve unlocked it, you can equip it in the Perk 1 slot.

Warzone players fighting in-game

It comes up against some other powerful perks such as Double Time and E.O.D, but it can be particularly useful in the chaos of squad game modes, especially on Rebirth Island. We wouldn’t recommend using it in Warzone Solos, but if you’re the kind of player that likes to take on full squads at once, Quick Fix could be the perk for you.

While Quick Fix can be useful, many players find this perk to be underpowered so have suggested some changes to improve it. It’s been a common suggestion that the “capturing and holding objectives” health regen increase should be removed, as it has no use in Warzone, and be replaced with a buff to armor plating speed.

With Warzone Season 3 on the horizon and the leaked 1980s overhaul of Verdansk on the way, it’s possible that some of the perks will see adjustments too.

Image Credit: Activision

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