Warzone’s RICOCHET anti-cheat now counters hackers by turning enemies invisible

Liam Mackay
Warzone cheater fighting invisible player

Warzone cheaters have been left reeling after the RICOCHET anti-cheat appeared to make other players go invisible before their eyes, making their aimbot and wallhacks useless.

Cheating had almost reached epidemic levels in Call of Duty: Warzone before the RICOCHET anti-cheat was introduced with Vanguard’s integration. Players were coming up against all manner of hacks, with cheaters themselves complaining that the game had too many hackers.

Activision responded by filing a lawsuit against one of the biggest cheat providers and introducing the RICOCHET anti-cheat, kernel-level software that’s designed specifically for Call of Duty.

While it hasn’t eradicated cheating completely, it’s started making hackers’ bullets deal zero-damage and now, it also appears to make legit players invisible to them.

riccochet anti-cheat warzone

Warzone’s devs confirmed that RICOCHET anti-cheat will actively nerf suspected cheaters’ weapons with a “Damage Sheild,” but a new measure appears to turn regular players completely invisible for cheaters.

In the clip found by Warzone content creator Mavriq, we can see the cheater drop into Rebirth Island and immediately start rage hacking, where they shamelessly let their aimbot takeover and destroy everyone in the pre-game lobby. However, it seems that RICOCHET picked up on their antics and imposed a strict punishment.

Later in the game, the cheater was left reeling as their hacks completely failed them. The enemy they were facing turned completely invisible, and not even their aimbot or wallhacks could keep track of them.

“Everyone’s invisible, I can’t do anything,” complained the cheater, with their hacks being countered for the rest of the match. After a frustrating game, they were eventually eliminated with zero kills.

We won’t share the cheater’s YouTube video, but you can find it in the replies to Mavriq’s tweet if you want to see their reaction to the new anti-cheat measures.

Mavriq explained that it “looks like other than adjusting bullet damage (damage shielding) from cheaters, legit players will go ‘invisible’ when shot by flagged cheaters,” and believes we’ll see more clips in the coming days.

Players were delighted with RICOCHET’s new ability, with one player explaining: “Banning them just makes them want to get another account to play again, this makes them doubt even if it’s worth it.”

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Image Credit: Activision