Warzone streamer shows why overpowered Stims are essential in Iron Trials

Stim in Warzone Iron Trials

Warzone’s Iron Trials mode slows down your health regeneration but you can speed it up with Stims, and one streamer has showcased how powerful these are in the game.

The Iron Trials mode is extremely popular among Warzone fans. It makes the game more challenging by imposing certain restrictions such as banning the Dead Silence perk or making stuns less effective.

Regeneration is also slowed down when playing this mode, but you can make up for that by using Stims. Now, one player has shown how overpowered these are in combat.

Iron Trials mode in Warzone

Warzone streamer Its_iron was playing the Iron Trials mode and found himself losing health when he entered the gas. He then used his Stim to speed up the regeneration during the gunfight.

This let him keep his health bar up and he was able to take down his opponents. The Stim worked so well that the streamer was able to secure victory in the match, much to his own surprise.

While the gas was dealing a lot of damage in the ninth circle, the regeneration from the Stim was even more effective. “That STIM HEALS SO MUCH,” wrote one surprised user in the chat.

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The fact that the Stims were able to grant the player a win while he was losing health to the gas and being shot by opponents showcases how powerful these items really are. However, this can severely affect Warzone matches.

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Players could spend a large amount of time chipping away at their enemies’ health only to find that they’ve recovered almost immediately. This would certainly make Warzone tournaments more difficult.

It remains to be seen whether or not the Stims in Warzone’s Iron Trials mode will receive a nerf anytime soon. Until then, you should use these wisely as they can save your life during intense matches.

Raven Software removed Iron Trials 84 from Warzone on September 30. Following players calling for the mode to return, the devs brought it back in the October 22 update. So, be sure to try out the Stims when you find yourself overwhelmed in this mode.

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Image credits: Raven Software