Warzone Red Doors fast-travel feature officially arriving in Season 4

Joseph Pascoulis
Red Doors Warzone

The official Season 4 roadmap is here for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, finally giving players more information about the Red Doors spotted in Verdansk ’84.

Warzone players have a lot to excited about in the coming weeks, with the Season 4 roadmap revealing some exciting new developments for Verdansk ’84.

Along with a new Zombies map, multiplayer weapons, and a host of other content coming in Season 4, players were also given some details on the infamous Red Doors, which will be operational in Verdansk ’84 starting at launch on June 17.

Warzone Red Doors

Red Doors Warzone

The cryptic message on the official Call of Duty website regarding the Warzone Red Doors reads:

“Our intel cannot explain the origin of these mysterious red doors around Verdansk, but one thing is certain: They allow you to [[REDACTED]] around the [[REDACTED]]. What’s behind them? Explore and enter them to [[REDACTED]] across the [[REDACTED]].

Red Doors won’t [[REDACTED]] unless you ping them, and after you step through, there’s no telling [[REDACTED]] exiting out the other side… and stepping into a [[REDACTED]].”

This has left fans excited and even more intrigued into how these Red Doors will work. Some believe they may teleport players around the map or even take them to a new location. Perhaps the missing first missing words are “travel” and “map.”

We first saw these Warzone Red Doors in the Verdansk ’84 cutscene, which sent players back in time, backing up the rumor that the Warzone Red Doors will teleport players around the map.

Red Door Location leaks

Well known Call of Duty dataminer, @CoDPerseus_, recently leaked the apparent locations for where the Red Doors will be teleporting players in-game.


Although it is not confirmed, this is a fairly reliable source and would make sense now that we have more details on what the doors will actually do.

This leak does give us an idea of where these doors will be taking us, however, we aren’t yet sure how so. Will it be a random location from the selection in the leak? Or will it be set locations that each door will take you to?

One thing is for sure. We will find out exactly what the Warzone Red Doors will do on June 17, as the feature will be available upon launch of the new season. This new feature will undoubtedly bring a whole new gameplay experience for players to experience and master for the foreseeable future.

Stay tuned via Charlie INTEL for more on Warzone, and check out our recent article on what feature players want added from Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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