Warzone pro shares top tips to win Season 6 Gulag every time

Luckychamu in Warzone Gulag

The Warzone Gulag can be extremely challenging, so tournament-winner LuckyChamu has given some pro tips to win the OG Gulag that has returned in Warzone Season 6.

Warzone players often struggle in the Gulag because it’s incredibly challenging. Season 6 of the Battle Royale title introduced plenty of new content and brought back the OG Gulag to Verdansk.

To make things a bit easier for players, Warzone tournament star LuckyChamu has come up with a few tips and tricks that you can use to come out on top in the OG Gulag in Warzone Season 6.

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Positioning tips to win Warzone’s OG Gulag

Warzone operators running

In his video, Lucky covers various different useful strategies that you can utilize to come out on top with a “99.9%” guarantee. He goes over is the layout of the Gulag in Season 6 and the best way you can position yourself in it.

There are three different versions of the OG Gulag, and one of them has a clear line of sight down the middle. The Warzone star recommends establishing center control in all three while keeping an eye out for your opponent’s “right-hand side advantage.”

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This lets you obstruct the enemy’s path if they’re pushing forward. When you’re closer to the flag they will have to come to you if they want to capture it before the timer runs out. You can easily eliminate them once they draw near.

Weapon and loadout tips to win Warzone’s OG Gulag

operator firing mac-10 in warzone

The Warzone pro also had a few tips for putting together the best possible loadout to win the OG Gulag. You can use Pistols and Shotguns while on the move to take out enemies from different spots.

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Assault Rifles and LMGs can be useful for securing kills while you’re holding lanes. You should utilize these when following the positioning tips above, and you’ll be able to drop your opponents like flies.

If you’re in a fast-paced combat situation then you should equip an SMG like the MAC-10. LuckyChamu demonstrates in the video that hitting your jump will improve your chances of securing headshots.

Jumping also has the added benefit of making it so that your enemies will mostly hit your lower half for lower damage, so verticality can be a great asset when attempting to win a Gulag.

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Equipment tips to win Warzone’s OG Gulag

Finally, you should use your equipment wisely to get yourself out of difficult situations and to get the drop on your enemies. Stuns and flashes have a hitmarker that will let you know if enemies are near where you throw them.

The Warzone pro made it clear that if you do get a hitmarker, “do not approach that person from the same POV that they’re looking or the same spot where you stunned them.”

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Lucky went over various different tactics that you can employ during specific situations in the OG Gulag. Being mindful of these can greatly increase your chances of securing victory.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision