Warzone players slam “awful” Pacific Caldera graphics issues

Warzone Operators in Caldera

Warzone players are extremely frustrated with the major graphics issues being faced in the new Pacific Caldera map and are slamming its performance for being “awful.”

Caldera is the latest map for Warzone players to explore, and while it has been met with a generally positive response, a few players are sharing their frustration with a few major issues.

One of the most prevalent problems is the texture issues affecting players on PlayStation consoles and many are slamming these Warzone Pacific performance issues in the community.

Warzone Pacific Texture weapon glitch

Reddit user Lokuaiya shared an image highlighting these issues in the CoD: Warzone subreddit. It compares the graphics in Verdansk to those in the new Caldera map and the differences are staggering.

The Caldera image shows missing textures on a building, the ground, walls, and surrounding trees. “Wow I love this update,” the Redditor sarcastically stated. Many users in the comments also shared their experiences with this issue.

“This map feels so wide open in a lot of spots and rushed,” commented one player. “The colours are awful. The GFX look like 8-bit.” This problem is being faced by a large portion of the Warzone community.

Many have reported these bugs are crashing the game. “Came straight to Reddit to see if anyone else was having problems,” wrote one user. “Audio dropouts, frame drops, and had the game crash 3 times with a fatal error in the past couple of hours!”

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Without properly rendered settings, Warzone Pacific players cannot traverse the Caldera map. The demon gun glitch is also causing weapons to turn into a distorted pile of jagged shards, making it impossible to aim.

This caught the attention of Raven Software who addressed the issue and even suggested a temporary fix. Hopefully, the developers will issue a proper solution for this game-breaking glitch soon.

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Image credits: Raven Software