Warzone players furious as Krampus Christmas event extended

Krampus in Warzone Pacific

Call of Duty’s Festive Fervor Holiday Event brought the controversial Krampus monster to both Warzone Pacific and Vanguard multiplayer. Players were desperate to see Krampus leave on January 4 but are furious to see that the event has been extended.

While Festive Fervor brought extra challenges for Warzone and Vanguard players to complete over the holidays, Krampus has soured the experience for many. While Krampus is supposed to hunt down players who are carrying coal, it appears his target is completely random.

With his extremely high HP, it takes a ton of bullets to take Krampus down – often leading to a frustrating death. Players were anxiously waiting for January 4 to see the back of him but are furious to see it has been extended.

New Festive Fervor end date

Krampus monster in Warzone

The Festive Fervor event was initially set to end on January 4, but now that Call of Duty’s developers have now returned from their holiday break, they’ve updated their Trello board to say that it will now end 24 hours later on January 5 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT.

The surprise change was met with shock and disappointment from players, with one fan saying “You’ve got to be f**king joking.”

“I want to play the new map without Krampus. The entire community does,” responded CoD content creator XSET Loochy. “Krampus has left the BIGGEST sour taste in my mouth about Caldera.”

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Another Warzone streamer Rake said, “cmon Raven Software there’s no way you guys saw everything people have been p*ssed about and thought another day was a good idea.”

But if you go to the Festive Fervor tab in Warzone, the event is still set to end on January 4. This has players hoping that the Trello board update is a mistake, but this is unlikely as they’ve announced Day 20 will run from January 4-5, where players start the match Fully Loaded.

We expect there to be some major updates to Warzone in the coming days including fixes for the invisible skin, Shotgun nerfs, and an end to the pay-to-win glitch allowing players to redeploy with their loadouts.

Image Credit: Activision