Warzone players believe Airstrikes received a deadly buff

warzone pacific airstrike

Warzone players have noticed a difference with the Airstrike Killstreak that may have buffed its effectiveness.

As we edge closer to Season 2 of Warzone Pacific, players are still noticing bugs and issues with the current update of Warzone.

Just recently, players found “fake rocks” on Caldera that make taking cover useless, and now players feel that the Precision Airstrike Killstreak has been secretly buffed.

Warzone Precision Airstrike

Reddit user Diegogar11 highlighted a change with the Precision Airstrike’s “warning zone,” asking if anyone else is having the same experience: “Is anyone else just not getting the precision airstrike notifications?”

In the video attached to the post, the player shows an example of the Precision Airstrike killing them but not showing up with the warning.

As you can see, the player stays in the same area for the duration of the clip, getting put down by the Airstrike just as they take out an enemy. One player in the comments claims to have experienced this issue too, stating: “I’ve been seeing that bug for about 3 weeks now they’ve been super super lethal.”

The fact that players are getting killed by Airstrikes without getting a warning about it makes the Killstreak way more deadly than it already was.

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Another comment may have a reason for this, claiming that the player had, unfortunately “shifted into the area after it was already called in.” Having said that, another comment also claims that the “warning zone” for the Killstreak has been “tightened,” making it easier to knock down players with.

If this is true, it’s a pretty deadly buff to give the Killstreak and it seems the majority of players aren’t enjoying it very much.

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Image Credits: Activision