Warzone Lunar New Year Tracer Pack disabled as glitch crashes games

Warzone STG-44 Tiger blueprint

The Warzone developers have disabled the ‘Year of the Tiger’ Lunar New Year Tracer Pack and promised a fix for the glitch that was causing the bundle to crash players’ games.

Warzone’s ‘Year of the Tiger’ Tracer bundle helped players celebrate the Lunar New Year with some brand-new content, including the Tiger STG-44 Blueprint, a couple of weapon charms, and more.

However, players soon discovered that the Lunar New Year Tracer Pack was filled with frustrating glitches that were ruining matches, causing the Warzone developers to disable the bundle.

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Warzone Tiger blueprint for STG-44

Raven Software addressed the issues with Warzone’s Lunar New Year Tracer Pack in a February 1 tweet, reassuring players that they’re aware of the problem and are investigating the glitches.

Multiple players reported that using the new additions in the Year of the Tiger Tracer bundle would cause their games to crash, so the developers have completely disabled it “until further notice.”

The Year of the Tiger bundle was available to unlock for 1,000 CoD Points ($10) and purchasing it would grant you the Tiger Blueprint that gave the STG-44 Assault Rifle a neat new look.

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Additionally, the Tracer Pack also includes the ‘Tiger Dance’ watch, ‘True Stripes’ and ‘Arrival of Luck’ charms, along with the ‘Tiger’s Year’ and ‘Spring Festival’ calling cards.

While it’s currently unclear when exactly Raven Software will release a fix for the Lunar New Year bundle, the Warzone Trello board shows that they’re currently investigating it across all platforms.

The developers will probably update the progress of this fix on the Trello board and announce it on Twitter. Hopefully, they’ll get the bundle working properly, and we’ll see it return to the game soon.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software