Warzone glitch breaks reloading for Black Ops Cold War guns

Liam Mackay

Certain Black Ops Cold War weapons have been dominating in Warzone, but a major issue with reloading could lead to players choosing Modern Warfare weapons instead.

In Cold War, you can’t reload your weapons while sprinting. Depending on your settings, you’ll either slow down to a walk while changing mags, or sprinting will cancel your reload. The Gung-Ho Perk allows you to move at full speed while swapping magazines.

Gung-Ho isn’t in Warzone because it didn’t need to be – until now. Modern Warfare’s engine, which includes Warzone, allows you to sprint while reloading your weapons. Frustratingly, Cold War’s movement system has carried over with its weapons to the battle royale.

Reloading Broken in Warzone

If while using a Cold War weapon in Warzone your reload hasn’t worked, a Reddit user has discovered the reason.

When the magazine is empty, while using Modern Warfare weapons in Warzone, you can Tactical Sprint before your character has fully finished the reload. This will cancel the animation, but the mag will still be inserted.

However, with Cold War weapons you need to fully wait until the reload has finished. This means that while using Cold War’s guns, your movement and reload speed will be slower across the board.

After playing on Modern Warfare’s engine for over a year, this is extremely hard to adjust to. This will lead many players to stop using Cold War weapons in their loadouts. Unfortunately, BOCW’s guns are ground loot too, so they are unavoidable.

reloading Black Ops Cold War's XM4

There are a couple of things Raven Software, who have taken over the development of Warzone, can do to fix this. The obvious is having Cold War’s weapons behave the same as their Modern Warfare counterparts. Or, they could add the ‘Sprint Cancels Reload’ setting to Warzone, allowing players to choose how their Operator behaves.

In the meantime, be wary of sprinting to cancel reloads while using Black Ops Cold War weapons in Warzone, and wait for the animation to complete.

Image Credit: Activision

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