Warzone devs provide solution to PlayStation performance issues

Warzone Pacific Caldera Naval Arsenal POI

Warzone Pacific Season 1 dropped in a pretty poor state for PlayStation users as players reported performance issues on launch. Luckily, Raven Software might have found a temporary solution.

Warzone Pacific Season 1 dropped early on December 8 for those who own Call of Duty: Vanguard. The community was of course excited for the integration of new weapons and a fresh battle pass, however, there were glaring performance issues on the new map Caldera.

These issues affected those on PlayStation consoles and unfortunately hindered the experience for many. Raven Software has addressed the issue and even suggested a temporary fix.

vanguard on-demand texture streaming

A lot of Warzone PlayStation players have been experiencing some serious texture issues when dropping into Caldera. The map looks as if it hasn’t been rendered properly, with poor resolution and textures across the map. Some areas even have invisible walls and floors.

This is obviously hindering the experience, especially for those who were excited to hop on with early access, perhaps even buying Vanguard after the exclusivity announcement.

Raven Software has acknowledged the issue and does seem to be working on an overall fix. However, they have also offered a solution to prevent the issue from happening again for players.

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Although it’s not certain, the devs are claiming that “disabling texture streaming may help alleviate performance issues on PlayStation platforms.”

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In order to do this, players will need to do the following:

  1. Head over to the Settings menu
  2. Select the Graphics tab
  3. Find the “On-demmand Texture Streaming” option and select “Disabled

This feature will stop the game from downloading standard or high-quality textures as you play.

Although your game may look slightly worse, as you will only be seeing local textures, it may prevent the performance issue from occurring.

Hopefully, this helps fix the issues PlayStation players have been experiencing and Raven Software can push a proper fix soon.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision