Warzone devs finally nerf broken speed boost attachments

Liam Mackay
Warzone player sprinting in Caldera

Warzone players could move faster than ever thanks to Vanguard weapons’ speed boost attachments receiving major buffs in Season 4. However, they were never meant to be that powerful, and the devs have now fixed the issue.

Getting around as fast as possible, using your movement speed to finesse opponents and break their ankles, is a huge part of Warzone’s skill gap. This gap only got larger with the Season 4 update and the new Marco 5 SMG, as Vanguard SMGs could be built to have game-breaking sprint speeds.

This was a divisive change, with high-skill players loving the new movement mechanics. However, it didn’t last long, with Raven’s Senior Game Designer explaining why they dialed back the movement speed.

Taped Grip on Warzone Marco 5 SMG

Warzone players were moving so fast with the Taped and Leather Grip attachments that they could actually walk faster than someone with a Modern Warfare weapon could run. But, Warzone’s devs clarified that these attachments weren’t working as intended and set them right.

Raven Software released a small hotfix on Saturday, June 25, that finally nerfed these speed attachments. Tully Ackland, Raven’s Senior Game Designer, took to Twitter to confirm that the “Taped Grip (and Leather) are now ‘as intended.'”

Many players were upset to see the speed boost attachments nerfed, explaining that they helped to increase the skill gap. Ackland understood the frustration but said he owns up to the mistake — “fostering a healthy skill gap is a goal, but this was pretty insane.”

“The primary goal of the attachment tuning was to enable choice when building a load out,” he explained. “‘Some’ increased mobility on Taped is still a valuable pick when going for your ‘gotta go fast’ builds.'”

However, it’s entirely possible that we’ll see incredible movement speed like this again, as he teased that it “has good potential for an LTM.”

We can also expect the NZ-41 to be nerfed in the coming weeks, as Ackland also said it’s “not where I’d like it to be right now.”

Image Credit: Activision

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