Warzone devs confirm fix for frustrating aiming issues coming soon

Andrew Highton
cod warzone player firing gun upwards

A long-standing issue in Call of Duty: Warzone is set to be addressed by Raven Software after they confirmed an update would fix the sliding aim bug.

Winning a game of Warzone is so difficult because there are a number of factors and variables for players to overcome. Whether it’s a dodgy connection caused by SBMM or overpowered airstrikes, battle royale wins demand a lot out of the player.

However, despite streamers possessing a lot of skills, there is always the potential for a bug or glitch to cause someone to die. This was the case for one streamer after they were killed by a frustrating aiming issue in Warzone.

rambo shooting at a helicopter

Aiming in Call of Duty cannot be understated, and it’s very important to have the right settings to increase your chances of winning a 1v1.

Despite this, Twitch streamer DanimuhL was the latest victim of Warzone’s weird glitch that when players perform a slide and try to aim, the game will immediately point the player’s gun upwards.

In a video of DanimuhL’s gameplay, they downed a player, and it’s hard to tell whether the player self-revived or a teammate came to their aid.

Regardless, our player slid into a stairwell, rose to his feet, and when he tried to lock on to the enemy to beam them, the game aimed his gun a lot higher than it should’ve done.


As a result, that crucial second lost turned out to be DanimuhL’s downfall and the enemy player zapped him.

After getting killed he shouted: “Why is this glitching dude it won’t let me aim down.” A commenter replied: “This has been in the game since Warzone came out because it’s been an issue since the release of MW multiplayer. Game’s almost two years old and it’s finally getting fixed??”

Raven Software did see this Tweet and said that a fix would finally be coming in a future update for Warzone.

It may have taken some time, but it’s good news that this should hopefully not be a problem moving forward in the game.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software