Warzone cheaters find new wall glitch spots on Rebirth Island

Nicholas Sakadelis

Cheaters have discovered yet another set of exploits for Warzone’s Rebirth Island map.

The release of Warzone’s Rebirth Island has been anything but smooth, with major issues plaguing the game. The Black Ops Cold War integration has brought new challenges to the overall meta and balance of the game, resulting in two overwhelmingly broken weapons, the DMR & Diamatti.

On top of the huge meta shift, there have been plenty of bugs, most notably the return of one centered around loadout drops. When a player becomes stuck in one, they become invincible against enemies. While stuck in place, it can still result in easy kills for the player abusing the bug.

Speaking of returning bugs, players have now discovered a way to phase inside of walls in Warzone’s Rebirth Island, a practice that has transferred over from the Verdansk map. We’re unsure of exactly how players are performing this glitch, but it was spotted in a game by Reddit user 3Dmo.

This New Warzone Glitch is basically a cheat

In his video, you can see his squad playing a regular BR game on Rebirth Island, unsuspecting of the doom that awaited his squad in a nearby building. Upon entering, his teammate was met with a shower of bullets that seemingly came from nowhere.

Dazed and confused, 3Dmo also fell to the same player. Upon review of the killcam, it was found that the player was cheating, glitched behind a wall in the corner the entire time.

Currently, it appears that this glitch is achieved similar to how wall breaches are done on the Verdansk map. Since the player was next to an ATV in the killcam, it’s most likely linked to the vehicle. In most wall breach issues, you can simply destroy the vehicle, leaving the cheating player trapped. In this particular spot though, the ATV is hidden from view and seemingly cannot be destroyed.

If you run into a player abusing this, its best to steer clear of the area or shoot an RPG at the wall they are behind to in an attempt to destroy the ATV they used to glitch in.

Stay safe out there, and be vigilant in-game.

Image Credits: Activision/3Dmo on Reddit

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