Warzone cheaters are getting nerfed live in-game by RICOCHET anti-cheat

Warzone ricochet anti-cheat

Warzone cheat providers were convinced that RICOCHET anti-cheat was actively nerfing their weapons in-game, and now there’s proof that it’s causing them to deal almost zero damage as well as break their aimbot.

After eighteen months of cheaters plaguing the game, Warzone’s RICOCHET anti-cheat finally launched with Warzone Pacific, bringing kernel-level drivers to detect any nefarious applications running in the background.

But, it appears that RICOCHET is doing much more than that, with there being evidence that it’s both nerfing cheaters’ weapons and completely breaking their aimbot.

riccochet anti-cheat warzone

A Warzone cheater provider announced that RICOCHET was nerfing accounts with extremely high accuracy, and now there’s evidence that Warzone’s anti-cheat is doing exactly that.

Warzone streamer JoeWo managed to spot a cheater getting nerfed live in-game. Although the cheater hit JoeWo with a ton of bullets, the shot’s dealt almost zero damage. Thanks to RICOCHET intervening, JoeWo was able to take them out with ease.

We can also see it from a cheater’s point of view, where they were getting more and more frustrated as their hacks failed. Even with their aimbot locking onto an enemy, the bullets simply didn’t deal enough damage for him to get the kill.

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After he knocked someone, it took a ton of bullets to finally eliminate them as he asked: “How did it take that many bullets to kill somebody? What did they just do to this game?”

He was eventually left with his head in his hands as the aimbot continued to break, making it impossible for him to aim at all. He ragequitted the game saying: “I’m going to fix my situation with EngineOwning.”

EngineOwning are a popular cheat provider that were recently hit with a lawsuit from Activision, so not only are they targeting the providers, but also ruining their product.

Whether the cheaters will manage to get around RICOCHET’s latest efforts remains to be seen, but it’s clear that RICOCHET is vastly reducing their hacks’ effectiveness.

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Image Credit: Activision