Warzone Buy Station glitch completely breaking the game

Warzone Pacific buy station glitch

Warzone Pacific has seen its fair share of game-breaking issues since launch but this Buy Station glitch is making the game unplayable.

Since its launch, Warzone Pacific has been subject to numerous bugs and glitches that players have had to reluctantly accept. The devs have their hands full putting out fires as they arise and this newly discovered Buy Station glitch just jumped to the top of the priority list.

A smooth and efficient Buy Station visit is an essential element of Warzone success. Players who spend even an extra second or two at a Buy Station can pay the price with their life. That’s why this new glitch is one of the most aggravating issues yet.

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Warzone Buy Station

Buy Stations are highly-contested areas of the map and getting caught at one for too long is not something you want to do. Some players even position themselves to watch Buy Stations as a viable strategy for surprising unsuspecting players.

This new Buy Station glitch makes matters even worse as players are left entirely defenseless when accessing the Buy Station menu.

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Several players are reporting instances in which their game freezes for 5-10 seconds when accessing the Buy Station menu. Reddit user fatversionofyou wonders if this is only happening to them but the comments confirm it is a widespread issue.

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5-10 seconds may not seem like a ton of time but in Warzone Pacific this small window can cost your life. This is especially true considering Buy Stations are often in places that lack cover. In addition, some Xbox users are reporting that opening a Buy Station will send them all the way back to the console dashboard.

Not being able to pull off quick purchases whether it be buying back your squad member or a UAV, practically renders the game unplayable due to the chaos that surrounds Buy Stations.

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In its current state Warzone Pacific is a mess but with the right fine-tuning it can get back to the game we all know and love. Surely, the devs are actively working on a solution for this massive problem.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Sledgehammer Games / Activision