Warzone Armor Satchel buff idea would make it even more “Legendary”

Captain Price putting armor plate into armor satchel

A Warzone player has come up with a simple little buff idea for the Armor Satchel to make it even more “Legendarythan what it already is in the Call of Duty battle royale.

Warzone Season 6 is really bringing the spirit of Halloween with new spooky operators Ghost Face and Donnie Darko. As well as this, the game will also be getting a new event, the Haunting, which will bring a brand new LTM.

With the recent October 15 update patch, some players have changes on their minds.

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Although many may not think it needs a buff, one player has come up with an exciting idea to give the Armour Satchel an added detail that would make it even more “Legendary” than it already is.

warzone armor satchel plates

Reddit user spancer35 is the player responsible for the idea, as they posted the Armor Satchel buff on the Warzone subreddit.

The post is titled: “Here is a little upgrade to Armor(?) Satchel to make it an actual “Legendary Item.”

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As many players will know, the Armor Satchel is of Legendary rarity, giving players three additional armor plates to carry on top of the base five. This small buff idea is intended to give the Armor Sachel another bonus, as the user feels the Armor Satchel could use it.

The buff would essentially make it, so the Armor Satchel gives players extra ammo and plates. The image attached to the post shows exactly how much extra ammo the Armor Satchel will provide players.

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Some players in the comments have mixed opinions about this idea, though, as one user stated: “I think this is an unnecessary buff. Satchel is in a pretty fair spot and on the biggest upswing can give your entire team 13 plates (drop 5 armor then pickup satchel).”

In contrast, another comment read: “There should be an Ammo Belt where you can have an increased ammo capacity. Like how the Satchel works for Armour Eg. Mid Cal moving from 210 to 270 or 300.”

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Perhaps the developers will think about the possibility of adding something like an Ammo Belt or a bonus to the Armor Satchel in the future.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but who knows, perhaps Vanguard’s release and integration will see changes like this.

Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision

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