Vanguard’s 3-6x variable scope given major nerfs in Warzone Season 5

SVT-40 PU 3-6x scope on STG44 in Warzone

The SVT-40 PU 3-6x Scope has long given Vanguard guns a distinct advantage over the Modern Warfare and Cold War options, but nerfs made in Warzone Season 5 should severely reduce the sight’s effectiveness.

While Warzone devs Raven Software have tried to balance the three weapon types, Vanguard’s guns have consistently stayed on top. Vanguard weapons’ 10 attachment slots give them a slight edge over their Modern Warfare and Cold War counterparts, but it’s the SVT-40 PU 3-6x scope that put them on another level.

With an unobtrusive reticle, reduced recoil, and the ability to zoom the weapon up to a whopping 6x, Cold War and Modern Warfare’s Assault Rifles simply couldn’t compete. However, the nerfs made to the variable scopes might finally take away Vanguard’s dominance.

Warzone Operator in burning building

Warzone Season 5 went live on August 24, bringing new weapons such as the EX1, finally allowing players to choose their preferred loadout selection setting, and adding the highly-requested Gas Mask toggle feature.

Alongside the major weapon buffs and nerfs, Raven Software gave Vanguard’s 3-6x and 4-8x variable scopes a major nerf. Now, these variable scopes will give off weapon glint, have reduced recoil control, and will “significantly” impact the ADS time.

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Here’s every change:

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SVT-40 PU Scope 3-6x

  • Sniper Glint has been enabled
  • Recoil Control Decreased to 1%, down from 5%
  • Flinch Resistance decreased
  • Assault Rifles:
    • ADS Penalty increased to -10%, up from -4% 

1913 Variable 4-8x

  • Sniper Glint has been enabled
  • Recoil Control decreased to 5%, down from 10%
  • Flinch Resistance decreased
  • Assault Rifles:
    • ADS Penalty increased to -12%, up from -8%

Now, Modern Warfare and Cold War weapons that only have a 3x scope will become a much more competitive option. We’ll need to see how much the recoil control is affected, but the added glint and slower ADS speed should seriously lower the optic’s effectiveness.

Every meta Vanguard Assault Rifle build used the 3-6x, so we should see players switch over to the G16 2.5x or the Slate 3.25x Custom.

We expect this to contribute to a major shake-up to the meta in Season 5, with the devs also buffing Sniper Rifles and giving Vanguard Marksman Rifles Assault Rifle ammo to make them more viable, but they don’t want a repeat of Verdansk’s DMR meta.

This marks one of many changes coming to Warzone Season 5, with the introduction of a Gas Mask toggle along with reverting the controversial Loadout Drop UI changes also on the way.

Image Credit: Activision