Rebirth Sweats: How to check your Rebirth Island stats

rebirth sweats

When gamers break into the upper echelon of sweats they will start to compare their gameplay to other top players. Here is how you can track your Warzone Rebirth Island stats via Rebirth Sweats.

Rebirth Island isn’t the main game mode in Call of Duty: Warzone, but it is still has a competitive player base. With a smaller map and the ability to respawn infinitely, players can rack up a good amount of eliminations.

Winning a Rebirth Island match is a lot easier than winning a normal BR round, but winning consecutive Rebirth matches is very difficult. Holding win streak and highest kill records in Rebirth Island is something many players compete for.

Now, players have the ability to track their stats in Rebirth Island to see how close they are to the top. Don’t remember your highest kill game or longest win streak? Rebirth Sweats has you covered.

Characters fighting on Warzone Rebirth Island map

What is Rebirth Sweats?

Rebirth Sweats is a third-party site that tracks players’ stats in the Rebirth Island game mode. It hosts various rankings including best daily matches, top sweats of all time, and highest kills/win streak records.

All of the top players have thousands of games under their belt, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find yourself on the list. Head over to and enter your username to see your own Rebirth Island stats.

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If your name doesn’t appear on Rebirth Sweats, it may be because your Warzone stats are set to private. However, turning stats from private to public is a simple fix.

rebirth sweats stat tracker

How to make Rebirth Island stats public

To make your Rebirth Island stats public you will need access to a web browser on either your PC or another device. Then just follow the steps below to make your stats public.

  1. Go to the official Call of Duty website
  2. Login to your CoD account
  3. Head to the top-right corner and hover the cursor over your name
  4. Click on “Linked Accounts”
  5. Now tailor each platform to your own settings and preferences
  6. Set “Searchable” and “Data Visible” options to “All”

Once this is done, return to Rebirth Sweats and try searching your username again. The process of changing data visibility is required after a change to internal services from Activision.

However, this also allows other third-party sites to track stats from Warzone matches and other CoD titles.

For more Warzone, the hilarious world’s fastest Rebirth Island win and stay tuned for future news and guides.

Image Credits: Activision / Rebirth Sweats