New CoD: Warzone map ‘Rebirth Island’ release date

Liam Mackay

Black Ops Cold War x Warzone Season 1 will bring with it a ‘classified Warzone experience,’ which we now know to be the Alcatraz Island map coming to Warzone.

Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War will launch on December 16, which includes integration between Warzone and Modern Warfare. Progression will be tied, so no matter what game or mode you’re playing, your rank will increase.

This integration also means that Black Ops Cold War loadouts will be added to Warzone.

Cold War’s Season 1 roadmap teased a ‘classified Warzone experience.’ Within the redacted text reads ‘Rebirth Island’ translated from Russian, which is the location of the Russian lab where the Nova 6 gas was produced in the original Black Ops game.

Rebirth Island release date

Rebirth Island, the new Warzone map, will be released with Cold War x Warzone Season 1 on December 16.

There have since been many hints towards Rebirth Island featuring in Warzone in some form. First, we saw a Rebirth leaderboard added to Warzone, then a calling card depicting Alcatraz Island was found in the game files.

After that, it was leaked that Alcatraz from Blackout would return as Rebirth Island in Warzone.

Theories and leaks were confirmed when in the trailer for Cold War Season 1, new Operator Stitch discovers a picture of Blackout’s Alcatraz Island, titled ‘Operation: Rebirth.’

Stitch is seeking vengeance against Cold War character Russel Adler for taking his eye during the events of Black Ops 1.

It appears that in Cold War and Warzone, Rebirth Island and Alcatraz have been combined into one map for a new game mode.

Activision has confirmed that Verdansk will remain as the primary map for Warzone, so Alcatraz will likely be a separate game mode. It’s a considerably smaller map than Verdansk, so it could be a faster-paced version of the popular battle royale.

We’ll update Charlie Intel with everything you need to know about the new Warzone map, so stay tuned.

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