Major Warzone Quality of Life updates in Season 2: Armor Plates, Stuns, more

Warzone player using Armor Plates

Raven Software have confirmed that Warzone Season 2’s patch will be full of major Quality of Life updates, aimed at improving gameplay.

Warzone has suffered under the weight of bugs and glitches for weeks, with players left frustrated and demanding change. In a call with press and content creators, developers from Activision, Infinity Ward, and Raven declared they were “embarrassed” and “not happy” with the state of the game, and stated they were determined to right those wrongs.

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It seems that this process will start with Warzone Season 2, with Raven confirming that the major patch will include 30 Quality of Life improvements that should make the game more enjoyable.

Warzone sniper aiming down sights

Warzone Season 2 Quality of Life changes

The good news is that these QoL changes are focused on things that have frustrated players for months, targeting things like movement, animations, and even the base functionality of items.

One of the biggest changes comes to Armor Plates, which will now refill a full plate of armor before refilling damaged ones, something which players have begged for. Mantle Height has been increased to make traversing the map easier, and Raven have adjusted the final circle so it is less likely to end on Peak.

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You can view the full list of QoL changes below:

  • Traversal Improvements – Increased mantle height & collision fixes
  • Gas Mask – Animation won’t interrupt a player who is aiming down sights
  • Armor Plates – Refills full plate of Armor before filling damaged plates
  • Vehicles – Handling and a reduction in collision of world geometry
  • Parachute Improvements – Including being able to deploy them at a lower vertical height
  • Restrictions – Dead Silence and Stun Grenades removed from Vanguard Royale
  • Stunned Fix – Aim Assist now scales appropriately. Won’t increase Aim Assist strength.
  • Nerfs – Fighter Planes and Gasoline Cannisters
  • Buffs – Anti-Air Cannons
  • Final Circle – Less likely to end on Peak
Warzone's Peak POI

There are also some QoL changes currently scheduled for the Season 2.5 update, which include:

  • Downed – Able to control resurrect state – Prone vs Crouched
  • Gas Masks – Ability to drop
  • Armor – Pick up from another Armor Satchel
  • Performance – Performance and streaming issues, including Buy Station freezes, voice chat connectivity, and distorted graphics across all platforms.
  • Operators – Specific Operator skins being invisible at certain distances.
  • Modern Warfare – Blockages to Modern Warfare Multiplayer, which is tied to Warzone’s launcher.

There is no release date set for Season 2.5, so we’re not sure when these will join the game officially. Still, they are on the horizon and should make Warzone even better.

Of course, Infinity Ward and Raven Software are already looking towards the future, and have confirmed that Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are on the way, and will run on a brand-new engine.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision

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