Loadout Drops in Call of Duty: Warzone Explained

Keshav Bhat

Call of Duty: Warzone features Loadout Drops that land in on the play – almost care package style – thought the game as the match occurs.

A unique aspect of Call of Duty: Warzone is that players can set their 10 Loadouts in the menu prior to the start of the match. The menu tells you how each Perk works in Warzone vs standard multiplayer. You can create your class out fully here in the Loadout editor.

The Loadout Drops that come in to the match randomly – care package style and marked clearly on the map for everyone to see – lets you then walk to the loadout drop and select any of your 10 set loadout slots. Once you select the loadout you want, your current kit will be replaced with the loadout you selected – weapons, equipment, perks, and all.

The challenge here is that you are fully exposed accessing loadout drops and unable to shoot until you pick your class and then get the gear equipped. It’s a trade off – whether you want to get it or not go for it.

When playing at Infinity Ward, I found it strategic to use these Loadout Drops when you respawn back in. This way, you can land straight on a loadout drop (if one’s on the map), get a fully equipped kit, and jump back into the action without spending too much time finding gear and looting around the map.

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