How to fix loadout drop freezing glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone

Liam Mackay
warzone loadout drops

Warzone players have received countless frustrating deaths because of the loadout drop freezing glitch, but there appears to be a workaround.

The loadout drop freezing glitch, for want of a better phrase, arrived at the beginning of Season 1, much to players’ annoyance.

After opening a loadout drop, the game will completely freeze and you have an agonizing wait for the game to resume. Quite often, your game will unfreeze because of your death.

Loadout drops are high risk, high reward; you must temporarily expose yourself in order to get your own weapons and perks for the game ahead. Since this glitch has been in the game, the risk element has dramatically increased. It’s now a gamble whether Warzone will freeze up or not.

Raven Software have confirmed they are investigating the issue, but in the meantime, a Reddit user has found a workaround to prevent the glitch.

How to stop loadout freezing glitch

Xbox and PlayStation players appear to be especially effected by this issue.

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Reddit user ‘heymanitsdan,’ who plays on Xbox, has found a simple solution that has stopped them from receiving the loadout drop glitch.

Warzone loadout drops in-game

Follow these easy steps to make opening loadout drops much safer:

  1. Open the in-game Options menu while flying into Warzone
  2. If your Options menu freezes, wait it out
  3. Close the Options menu
  4. Confidently open your loadout drop

Extensive testing hasn’t been carried out on this solution, but initial tests have proven it effective. It appears that when the Options menu freezes, this gets the glitch out of the way early, making your loadout drop safe to open.

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Another solution going around the community suggests that opening the drop while standing prevents the freeze. The prevailing theory is that crouching, sliding, or going prone causes the issue. So, if you don’t fancy getting your head sniped while opening a drop, try just opening up the options menu instead.

It’s a quick and easy thing you can do at the beginning of your match that might just save your life.

Image Credit: Activision

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