Frustrating Warzone Season 5 glitch is literally turning players blind in-game

Hamza Khalid
Warzone Operators firing weapons in combat

Warzone Pacific players are being plagued by a frustrating glitch that envelops them in darkness, making it impossible for them to see their surroundings.

The Warzone Pacific community has dealt with its fair share of strange glitches that have strange effects on the game, like letting enemies shoot though walls and making Stims completely useless.

Players also occasionally encounter a strange visual glitch that makes it more difficult to see what’s going on during a match. Now, a bizarre bug has popped up that’s making players blind in Season 5.

Reddit user ‘DLN420X’ showcased this glitch in a gameplay clip posted in the Warzone Pacific subreddit. As soon as they climbed up a ledge, the environment around the Redditor disappeared entirely.

They were surrounded by complete darkness and began taking damage from enemies that they couldn’t see. As a result, the Warzone player had an unfair disadvantage and was unable to retaliate.

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Everything went back to normal after a few seconds but by then it was too late. After being eliminated, the Redditor sarcastically stated: “Wow everybody was right! It really is a lot harder to see people this season.”

Many of the commenters were extremely amused by what happened in the clip, and one user explained: “I couldn’t help but laugh. The game really is broken.” Another player jokingly wrote that the Redditor had “stepped into the void.”

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While there weren’t other reports of players experiencing the exact same problem as DLN420X, a few of them pointed out that glitches tend to pop up on Warzone Pacific’s Caldera map.

Since this Warzone glitch doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue, it’s uncertain if Raven Software are planning to implement a fix for it. If they respond to the issue, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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Image credits: Raven Software

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