Dr Disrespect wants Warzone devs to fix Season 3 audio

Hamza Khalid
Dr Disrespect hates Warzone's audio

Popular CoD streamer Dr Disrespect expressed his frustration with the audio in Warzone Season 3, which kept him from being able to hear an opponent right next to him during a match.

There is a lot of new content for players to enjoy in Warzone’s Season 3 update. Verdansk has a new 80s-themed makeover, and there are various other new additions. While some fans are pleased, there are still a few complaints.

Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, commonly known online as Dr Disrespect, previously talked about his frustration with the map changes and solo matches in Season 3. Now, he’s explained his issues with the audio.

Warzone Season 3

Dr Disrespect was in the middle of a Warzone match and had positioned himself on the roof of a small structure. He was then suddenly killed by an enemy that had climbed to that spot and caught him by surprise.

What irritated the streamer was that his opponent had managed to climb a ladder that was two feet away from him, get to the top, and jump all the way around the box cover without making any noise.

The killcam footage didn’t give any indication that his opponent had the Dead Silence perk equipped, which is meant to make you less audible. Dr Disrespect then called it the “worst audio design in the history of first-person shooter games ever.”

Timestamp of 10:04

A few of the comments pointed out that it’s simply more “realistic” for footsteps to not be audible in the middle of battle. However, many argued that there should be audible footsteps even in gunfire as a gameplay mechanism.

“Funniest part is that when the dude arrived there he was loud,” wrote one user. “But then as soon as Doc fires a shot, he makes no sound at all.” This is why the streamer stated that the audio in Warzone Season 3 is “not designed for gameplay.”

We don’t expect the developers to make major changes to Warzone’s audio anytime soon, but they will introduce plenty of exciting new content as Season 3 progresses.

Image Credits: Activision / Dr Disrespect