Crazy Warzone cheat is making hackers invincible even when downed

Warzone player standing over downed enemy

Players cheating in Warzone has been a long-running issue with the battle royale. According to a viral TikTok, the latest exploit is making hackers impossible to kill, even after they have been knocked down.

Hackers in Warzone remain one of the game’s biggest issues, and one of the reasons that some big streamers have left it behind. So much so, that anti-cheat has been announced to be coming into the battle royale alongside the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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Although Raven has also been carrying out hardware bans, the latest issue fans are seeing is making hackers nearly impossible to land a hit on, even after they have been downed.

Warzone character running

Unfortunately, speed hacks are something all too familiar for regular Warzone players. They allow cheaters to zip across the map at ridiculous speeds, making landing a shot on them incredibly difficult.

Despite Raven Software’s best attempts to clamp down on it, a viral TikTok from user ‘mrblueblrd’ has revealed that hackers now have the ability to move at these insane speeds after they have been downed.

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The video shows the user knocking down an enemy, who then attempts to scramble around a corner to avoid being finished off – as we see time and time again.

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But as the player moved in for the kill, the knocked enemy began zooming away from them over a roof, easily avoiding fire as they rapidly escaped.

Despite the player’s best efforts to confirm the kill, they were ultimately unable to land another hit because of the sheer speed the hacker was sliding around at. They were eventually killed themselves by a helicopter from behind.

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What this video tells us is that despite Raven announcing recently that they had banned a total of 800,000 Warzone accounts, cheating is still a serious problem within the game.

Hopefully, when anti-cheat is fully implemented, hackers will be a thing of the past and we will finally see an end to these kinds of scenarios taking place in Verdansk.

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Image credits: Activision

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