Clever Warzone trick eliminates the effects of Stun Grenades

Andrew Highton
cod warzone season 3 stun grenade thermite

Stuns Grenades are an underutilized way to score easy kills, but their effectiveness can be counteracted by making use of a Thermite trick in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3.

It’s rare that you see top streamers such as NICKMERCS and Aydan using Stun Grenades to assert their dominance over opponents in Warzone. Their superior weapon-firing ability means they can rely less on equipment, and more on their epic loadouts.

But items such as Stun Grenades and Thermite are invaluable ways of increasing damage done to opponents. Stun Grenades are particularly useful in Warzone Season 3, but for anyone that hates being afflicted by its disorientating effects, throwing a Thermite may actually save your life.

cod warzone season 3 thermite

TwistedFate3 has demonstrated a method that doesn’t necessarily show an effective way to rid yourself of a Stun Grenade’s effects, although it still might do. But it’s also a pointer as to what you shouldn’t do if you throw a Stun Grenade.

Their tutorial reaffirmed the debilitating effects that a Stun Grenade can have on a Warzone player, with several seconds essentially being taken out of your control.

However, if you are able to throw a Thermite at your feet, or within the vicinity of your character, then you will suffer some minor damage in exchange for the removal of the Stun Grenade’s effects.

Whilst the trick itself won’t necessarily be repeatable during combat (as you’ll have to be facing downwards at the time), it does explain why stunned enemies seem to recover quickly.

If you’re able to anticipate a Stun Grenade heading your way, or you’re next to a wall, then using a Thermite to evade the clutches of a Stun Grenade could very well save your life in Warzone.

This video is more a warning that if you manage to stun an enemy, don’t immediately follow it up with a Thermite. Otherwise, you risk nullifying the Stun’s disorientating effects and leave you exposed to a gunfight.

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Image credits: Activision