Vanguard Season 2 change makes Launcher Camo challenges much easier

Atomic camo on Launcher in Vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard players were incredibly frustrated with the Launcher camo challenges, where they’d need to take down three Killstreaks in one game. Luckily, the devs have made this challenge much easier in the Season 2 update.

Every year, Call of Duty players undertake the Mastery Camo grind, earning Gold for every single weapon in the game. Vanguard has been an especially difficult year, with Camos not unlocking, each weapon having 70 levels to grind, and the Launcher challenges being too difficult.

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Sledgehammer Games have been working on making unlocking Atomic easier, tweaking the Launcher challenges to be far less frustrating. Still, the Deadeye challenge was a thorn in players’ sides, and they’ve made it much easier in the Vanguard Season 2 update.

Vanguard Deadeye launcher camo challenge

The final Camo challenge, Deadeye, asked players to “Destroy 3 Enemy Killstreaks in 1 Game 30 Times.” This challenge proved especially frustrating, with players reporting that killing ground Killstreaks such as Dogs hardly ever worked.

Luckily, Sledgehammer Games have heard players’ complaints and have adjusted the Deadeye Camo challenge to make it much easier.

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The Season 2 patch notes read: “Ground based Killlstreaks now count towards the ‘Deadeye’ camo.” So, you should now be able to take down Dogs and Flamenauts to complete the Deadeye Camo challenge and unlock Gold on all of your launchers.

Attack Dogs in CoD Vanguard

Your best bet is hoping that an enemy calls in the Attack Dogs Killstreak, as you’ll get plenty of opportunities to destroy a Killstreak this way – especially on small maps like Shipment and Das Haus.

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Season 2 will also bring new weapons, the Ball Turret Gunner Killstreak, as well as finally introducing Ranked Play on February 17, where you can earn Operator skins, Calling Cards, and more.

Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games

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