Vanguard players want big changes made to MVP system

Andrew Highton
cod vanguard mvp screen

Sledgehammer Games likes to reward players at the end of every Call of Duty: Vanguard match by recognizing the best plays and most impressive achievements. However, Vanguard players feel that the MVP system is flawed and want big changes made to it.

No matter how intense a game of Call of Duty: Vanguard gets, every game ends the same way, with the spotlight being cast upon certain players who’ve performed well.

It’s a neat little way for players to earn some bonus XP in Vanguard, but players have picked major faults with the system and feel it needs changing to make the game’s experience more enjoyable.

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Operator Polina holding her rifle in vanguard

On paper, the premise of the MVP system is cool, but when you pair it up with the play of the game mechanic as well, post-game shenanigans can take a minute, or more, to fully conclude.

A Reddit user has explained how even though they haven’t sunk that many hours into the game’s online portion, the MVP process is already grating on them.

They explained: “It’s the same three animations most of the time. Even if it weren’t, give me the option to leave the match. Voting rewards a fraction of a kill in XP, so I don’t even see the value in it. Especially when, as far as I can tell, getting voted MVP does nothing for you.”

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In addition to the MVP process taking time, Vanguard players believe there is also another reason for the extended focus on players and their Operators.

sweatpantsninja9 said: “They probably just want more customizable sh*t to sell us once Season 1 starts. I bet they’ll have purchasable MVP animations.”

Another user also seemed to back this up: “Yes. If you go to your character, there are two available right now. It’s obvious there will be a lot more.”

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Whilst this is probably true, players still feel that Sledgehammer Games could cut the MVP ceremony down slightly so that players can get stuck into another game.

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Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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