Vanguard players furious with lack of Hardcore playlist support

Vanguard Hardcore playlists

Fans of the Hardcore playlist left feeling repeatedly ignored by Vanguard devs.

For years, Hardcore game types have worked in tandem with the traditional Call of Duty gameplay experience to deliver a varied multiplayer package. The Hardcore style of play is a less forgiving and more realistic Call of Duty experience.

Unfortunately for those who enjoy Hardcore gameplay, Vanguard has continued the trend of largely ignoring the mode. This has left the Hardcore player base feeling extremely short-changed. Even though this treatment is nothing new for Hardcore players, this time they hope to be heard.

Lack of Hardcore playlists causing outrage

vanguard shipment map

Some players have suggested that the reason Hardcore playlists receive no care and attention is because of Vanguard’s already drastic time to kill. What with the significantly less health players have when playing Hardcore, the devs may be making a conscious decision to focus on traditional multiplayer which already boasts a fast TTK with full health.

Nonetheless, being ignored as a consumer is not an easy pill to swallow. Consequently, it isn’t entirely fair that they are suffering for enjoying a particular mode. They have yet to benefit from the Hardcore additions of well-liked playlists such as Das Haus 24/7 and Shipment 24/7.

Vanguard players flock to these modes as an excellent change of pace from Vanguard’s initial game modes and playlists. Not only do these playlists help keep gameplay fresh, but they offer you a highly efficient method of leveling up weapons and operators.

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To rub more salt in the wound of Hardcore players, Vanguard has released a new playlist on November 18 titled “Ship Haus”. Players get to enjoy both beloved fast-paced maps in one playlist. It goes without saying, this playlist is not currently available as a Hardcore mode.

This is hardly the first complaint we’ve had for Vanguard to date. Frustrations continue to mount as more and more issues arise. Sledgehammer has addressed some in the most recent patch, although many issues still remain.

Image Credits: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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