Vanguard players crown Sub Pens as the “most awful map ever”

Joseph Pascoulis
Sub Pens in CoD Vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard players have crowned Sub Pens as the “most awful” map in the franchise’s history.

Vanguard Season 3 Reloaded offered players a brand-new map and SMG to enjoy, but players weren’t too happy with the content. As well as being disappointed with the new content, some players are still sharing their opinions on launch maps.

With all the hype around Modern Warfare 2, some players haven’t forgotten about Vanguard, especially the map Sub Pens, with some even crowning it as the “most awful map ever.”

Sub Pens in Vanguard

Reddit user wllwsssss shared their opinion on the map Sub Pens, asking the question, “am I insane or is vanguard’s sub pens literally the most awful map ever?”

Sub Pens has had its problems in the past, as it was previously known as one of the most buggy maps, with a spot that allowed players to hide inside a wall and kill enemies which was also found in Warzone.

The user feels as if the map “just doesn’t work,” and others in the comments seem to share similar opinions.

One user stated “this map just feels like it is sideways. Idk how else to describe it lol but yeah it sucks.” In agreement, another responded, “this is the best description of Sub Pens I’ve ever read.”

Players clearly feel as if it “doesn’t work,” and perhaps that has something to do with the layout. The map is a pretty close-range area with long lines of sight down the middle, which can be frustrating.

It is interesting to see players calling it the “most awful map ever,” but perhaps this is because it’s fresh in their memory, as every Call of Duty game seems to have a most-hated map.

While this conversation has been about Call of Duty’s worst map, some will be happy to know that Warzone 2 could feature maps from the original Modern Warfare 2.

Image Credits: Activision