Vanguard player hits 10th Prestige without ever getting a kill

Vanguard Operator 10th Prestige symbol

Reaching 10th Prestige in a CoD game is an accomplishment in and of itself, but a Vanguard player decided to raise the bar by hitting the milestone without getting a single kill.

The Call of Duty grind is often referred to as leveling up in multiplayer and working your way through the game’s Prestiges. Vanguard is no different in that it offers several ranks and Prestiges for players to work through by performing well in multiplayer.

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However, one player has challenged the definition of what performing well in multiplayer means by reaching 10th Prestige in Vanguard without ever registering a single kill.

Vanguard Season 4 Operator with Marco SMG

This unconventional method of reaching one of the most illustrious ranks in the game was posted to the Vanguard subreddit and it’s safe to say most were impressed by the dedication required to complete the challenge.

Firstly, the player shows off their shiny 10th Prestige badge that indicates they put the work in to fly up the ranks. The player then moves to their combat record to reveal the shocking surprise that they managed this accomplishment without getting a kill.

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The “0 Kills” statistic is not something you see every day, which left many players wondering how this was possible. The OP then explains they achieved this remarkable feat by, “Playing objective and destroying killstreaks.”

Relying on objective play and destroying killstreaks to hit 10th Prestige would be a maddening task for most players, but Pilgore1 doesn’t seem to mind that it took them 673 games and over 3 days of game time to achieve.

While their kills clock in at zero, it’s clear to see the positive effects of consistently playing the objective. The 2.35 win ratio is quite impressive considering they never killed an enemy.

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Image Credit: Activision

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