Vanguard April 18 patch notes: Glide Bomb wallhack fix, Search & Destroy bomb timer, more

Liam Mackay
Vanguard player using combat shield

Vanguard devs Sledgehammer Games have fixed several issues in the April 18 update, including Glide Bombs giving players wallhacks and adding a Search and Destroy bomb timer. Here are Vanguard’s full April 18 patch notes.

There are only a few days left until Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 3, which will take Ranked Play out of its beta, bringing a rank reset and more rewards, as well as some brand-new weapons.

But Sledgehammer aren’t leaving the game to gather dust in its final few days, as they’ve released an update on April 18 to tackle some of the game’s major bugs and glitches. Here are the full April 18 patch notes.

glide bomb killstreak in cod vanguard

Vanguard Glide Bomb wallhack glitch fixed

Through a bizarre glitch, Vanguard’s Glide Bomb killstreak could grant players wallhacks, but this was finally addressed in the April 18 update.

The Glide Bomb highlights all enemies below to make it easier to use, but these indicators would remain once the Glide Bomb was used, essentially giving the player wallhacks. The patch notes revealed that a teammate using the Ball Turret Gunner at the same time would cause the issue, but it should now be fixed.

Vanguard Ranked Play best loadouts

Vanguard April 18 update patch notes

  • Castle
    • Addressed an issue where Operators could be invisible during the MVP Voting phase.

  • Search & Destroy
    • Bomb timers will now always be shown on the HUD.
  • Arms Race
    • Improved physics when colliding with a Nebula Crate using the CD12 Transport vehicle.

  • Combat Shield (Melee)
    • Addressed an issue that caused Operator heads to disappear when using a Combat Shield and Akimbo weapons.

  • Glide Bomb (5 Kills)
    • Targetting UI elements will no longer persist if a teammate uses a Ball Turret Gunner while the player’s Glide Bomb is active.

User Interface & Experience

  • Progression is now accurately displayed on the Rank widget in Multiplayer menus.
  • Players can now access the Armory while the cross-platform play option is disabled.
  • Operators will now showcase the correct Weapon during the countdown of a Free-for-All match.
  • Fixed a crash when resuming the game from an idle state on Xbox consoles.

  • The Hard Shell Bundle will now grant the correct item for the Typhoon Weapon Charm.
  • Addressed an issue that prevented Halima’s face from properly animating during loot previews.


  • Addressed a stability issue where players would be kicked from a match when reviving a player using melee and tactical items only.
  • Added stability fixes for crashes that would occur while inspecting the Decimator Shield or Ray Gun. Weapon inspects for both of these items have been enabled.

For more, you can check out the recent news that Vanguard will finally be receiving round-based Zombies maps after Season 3, starting with Shi No Numa.

Source: Sledgehammer Games

Image Credit: Activision

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