JGOD reveals CoD Vanguard’s “completely broken” perk you have to use

JGOD and Vanguard Operator

Popular Call of Duty expert JGOD has discovered a “completely broken” perk in Vanguard that gives players a huge advantage over their opponents during combat.

After a long wait, CoD Vanguard is finally here and players are testing out how the new game feels. There’s plenty of new content to enjoy such as the Sten Shotgun and Endowment Timeless Pack.

Call of Duty stats expert JGOD has been going through all the new content and has discovered a trick with Vanguard’s Forward Intel perk that lets you take out your opponents with great ease.

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JGOD explained in a new video how using Forward Intel lets you see exactly where your enemies spawn, so you can take advantage of this to eliminate them before they even have a chance to react.

“I haven’t really seen many people talk about [it]. At first glance, it doesn’t seem that powerful, but this is way more broken [than in previous games],” he explained.

This lets you dominate the map without much opposition, and JGOD further explained that the combination of seeing enemy reinforcements on your minimap and Vanguard’s strange spawn mechanics make this perk “completely broken.”

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In the video, he was able to easily eliminate his enemies as soon as they spawned in the map. He then explained how using the Forward Intel perk in Vanguard let him know “where to pre-aim.”

“You don’t [even] have to know where people are, based on map design and chokepoints you can get a good indication of where people are going to be,” JGOD explained before comparing the perk to its form in previous games.

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He explained that the version of Forward Intel in Vanguard is far more broken than in previous Call of Duty titles. So, we might see Sledgehammer Games make some changes in a future update.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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