How to get Armored Titan bundle in Vanguard & Warzone

Luca Di Marzo
Attack on Titan skin Vanguard Warzone

It seems the Call of Duty team are out to right the wrongs of the previous Levi Attack on Titan bundle that was wide of the mark. The crossover has Vanguard and Warzone fans excited so here’s how to get the Armored Titan bundle.

Excitement for Attack on Titan is at an all-time high as the anime is currently wrapping up its final season. Now, Call of Duty players will get the chance to bask in more AoT glory as they enter the battlefield as the Armored Titan.

The Attack on Titan x Call of Duty crossover desperately needed a win after the Levi bundle failed to meet expectations. It’s safe to say the positive reaction is leading a lot of players to wonder how to get the Armored Titan bundle in Vanguard and Warzone.

How to get the Vanguard and Warzone Armored Titan bundle

Armored Titan Roland Operator

The Armored Titan bundle appeared as a result of Vanguard’s Season 2 update and for a brief moment the bundle could be previewed in Vanguard menus before it disappeared completely. Patience has finally been met with a nice reward as the Armored Titan bundle is available in Vanguard and Warzone as of February 22.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get the Armored Titan Tracer Pack.

Here’s an in-depth look at everything included in the Armored Titan Tracer Pack including some interesting weapon Blueprint designs.
  • Armored Titan – Legendary Operator Skin
  • Armored Strength – Ultra Blueprint
  • Colossus – Legendary Blueprint
  • Anti-Personnel – Legendary Blueprint
  • Unstoppable Force – Highlight Intro
  • Die-Urnal – Legendary Watch
  • Titan Serum – Epic Charm
  • Paradis Lost – Legendary Emblem
  • Double XP Token – Legendary Consumable
  • Wall Titan – Epic Spray
  • Thunder Spears – Legendary Player Card

The Cooper Carbine is completely transformed into an armored weapon. Both the weapon and Operator skin boast the same armor-like plates with flesh protruding underneath.

After the disaster that followed the release of the Levi bundle, it’s nice to see an accurate depiction of an Attack on Titan character in Call of Duty.

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Image Credit: Activision