What’s the average Skill Division in Vanguard Ranked Play?

average vanguard ranked play skill division

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Ranked Play offers players the chance to play like the pros, climbing Skill Divisions as they face off against tougher and tougher opponents. But what’s the average Skill Division?

Vanguard’s Ranked Play is the perfect place for Call of Duty players to test their skills against other players, climbing Skill Divisions using the same weapons and map pool as the Call of Duty League.

Once players have played their five placement matches, they’ll be placed into one of seven Skill Divisions, depending on their Skill Rating (SR). Those with the highest SR in the game will be put into their own Skill Division, the Top 250, where they’ll be displayed on a global leaderboard.

But just how many players are in each Skill Division, and which subdivision has the most players? We’re breaking down the average Skill Division in Vanguard Ranked Play.

Vanguard Ranked Play Skill Divisions

Before we break down where the majority of Vanguard players have placed, we’re taking a look at each of Ranked Play’s eight Skill Divisions, and their five subdivisions.

After five placement matches, players will be awarded a Skill Rating, which is a number ranging from anywhere between 0 and 3500. The SR dictates the Skill Division and subdivision, with players hitting the next division every 500 SR points.

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Here’s every Vanguard Skill Division and its SR requirements:

  • Contender: V – 1 (0-500)
  • Specialist: V – I (500-1000)
  • Advanced: V -I (1000-1500)
  • Expert: V – I (1500-2000)
  • Elite: V – I (2000-2500)
  • Master: V – I (2500-3000)
  • Challenger: V – I (3000-3500)
  • Top 250 (3700+)
Vanguard Ranked Play Skill Divisions

What is the average Vanguard Skill Division?

Now you understand exactly how Vanguard’s Ranked Play Skill Divisions work, you can check where the majority of players have placed.

The most densely populated Skill Divisions are Advanced and Expert, with 34% of players placing somewhere between Advanced V and Advanced I, and 29% of players placing between Expert V and Expert I.

Here’s a breakdown of Vanguard’s Skill Division distribution, as of April 6, 2022:

  • Contender: 3%
  • Specialist: 15%
  • Advanced: 34%
  • Expert: 29%
  • Elite: 14%
  • Master: 4%
  • Challenger: 1%
  • Top 250: Top 250 players

The Advanced II subdivision has the most players, with those players having an SR in the 1300s. As expected, there are fewer players in each Skill Division right up until the Top 250, which is one beyond Challenger.

For those who prefer Warzone, Raven Software have reaffirmed their plans to add Ranked Play to CoD’s battle royale in the future.

Image Credit: Activision