What are Class Chips in CoD Mobile? Chip Stations explained

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Class Chips are powerful tools that will give you the edge in Call of Duty Mobile’s Battle Royale, so here’s how they work and how to upgrade them.

Although Warzone Mobile is on the way, CoD Mobile has its very own battle royale mode that has its own map and mechanics. One of the biggest differences between the two BRs is CoD Mobile’s class system, where players pick a class with different abilities before dropping in.

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A major part of CoD Mobile’s BR classes is the Class Chips, so here’s what they are and how to upgrade them to get the edge over your opponents and complete challenges.

cod mobile player using clown class chip

What are Class Chips in Call of Duty: Mobile?

CoD Mobile’s Class Chips are your Battle Royale Operator’s Special Ability, such as Desperado’s Turret or Ninja’s Grapple Gun.

By hitting the Class Chip button on the right-hand side of your screen, you’ll activate a special ability that will recharge so you can use it again. For example, hitting this button will allow the Trap Master class to place three electric tripwires.

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How to upgrade Class Chips in CoD Mobile

cod mobile player using ninja grappling hook

CoD Mobile Battle Royale players can upgrade their Class Chips by using the Chip Stations found around the map.

After loading into a Battle Royale match, players will get a notification saying “Chip Machines Activated.” When this happens, head to the nearest purple square on your tac map. Approach the Chip Station and press interact to open it and collect the upgrade.

Your Class Chip button will now glow purple and the ability will be more powerful, with its duration and recharge time improved, as well as offering bonus abilities such as the Ninja class having silent footsteps.

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CoD Mobile’s devs like to add challenges where players must use their Class Chip. If the challenge won’t register, we recommend upgrading the Chip and trying it again, as this usually works.

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Image Credit: Activision

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