CoD Mobile fans furious by “overpriced” Mythic Fennec gun

Liam Mackay

Call of Duty: Mobile’s first Mythic Item released today, and players are voicing their frustration over its price.

The Mythic Fennec was officially announced late last week, promising a “beautiful yet powerful” variant of the SMG. It includes a brand new design, reactive camo, and death effect.

Fennec – Ascended, the first of the new Mythic items added to CoD: Mobile, can be obtained through rolling a lucky draw. Pricing begins at 30 CoD Points a try, with the price increasing drastically for each attempt. There is a 0.08% chance of rolling the Mythic Fennec on your first draw, meaning it’s likely to take several attempts to unlock the weapon.

Once the Mythic Fennec is unlocked, players must spend more money to fully upgrade it. Without any upgrades, the weapon functions as normal. By spending CoD Points in a further lucky draw, you unlock upgrade points for the Fennec. With these points, you will unlock the Mythic level attachments and death effects. Only after purchasing these does the weapon fully reach Mythic rarity.

Mobile players have reported they have spent over $500 to unlock and fully upgrade the Mythic Fennec. Many took to Reddit and Twitter today to voice their frustration.

There is no information telling players they must spend further money once the Mythic Fennec is unlocked. Reddit user ru5tysn4k3 said that they “genuinely feel sorry for the people who’ll buy the whole draw without knowing this.”

“It’s honestly kinda disgusting at this point how much money they want you to dish out,” said user pepethefrogscousin.

Also included in this lucky draw are an Exoskeleton skin for Artery, a variant of the Outlaw Sniper Rifle, and a variety of emotes and equipment variants.

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