League Play for Black Ops 4 delayed, now coming early 2019

In Treyarch’s latest blog post announcing Operation Absolute Zero for Black Ops 4, the studio has confirmed that League Play’s release has been pushed back to 2019 as the studio works to make improvements to it to ensure its ready for launch.

One of the CWL features now available in game is the live event viewer in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on PS4 to watch the CWL Las Vegas event. This feature is exclusive to PlayStation 4, as the league is presented by PlayStation 4.

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League Play, Gauntlets, and Clans and Teams features are being held till early 2019 as the studio works to prepare it for release.

From Treyarch:

After laying the initial groundwork for our CWL feature set with CWL Custom GamesCODCaster, and the Live Event Viewer on PS4, our sights for competitive play are now set on delivering the full suite of World League Hub features as soon as possible. While many of these features were initially planned to release in December, we are spending a little more time in development to give these features the polish that our competitive players expect and deserve. Here are the upcoming feature plans:

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  • December 7:
    • Live Event Viewer (launching with CWL Las Vegas on PS4)
  • Scheduled for early 2019:
    • League Play Events
    • Gauntlets
    • Clans and Teams

SOURCE: Treyarhc

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