Activision announces the first set of CWL Challenge Division events

Activision has announced the first set of online events for the Call of Duty World League Challenge Division in North America, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand.

Activision has stated that, at the end of the season, the top 80 teams worldwide from the Challenge Division will be invited to compete in the Call of Duty Championship Qualifiers. In addition to qualification for Champs, the best teams in February and March events will be invited to attend the Stage 1 regulation tournament, where teams can compete against Pro Division teams for a spot in Stage 2 of the Pro Division.

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Here’s the full details of online events, broken down by region. Sign up now!

North America:


There are four online events for North America, which will each have $25,000 in prize pool. Both Pro Division and amateur teams can compete in these events, but only Challenge Division teams can earn World League points toward the Pro Division Relegation tournament and Call of Duty Championship qualification.

Click on the links below to learn more, and sign-up:

The first CWL Challenge Division North America LAN event was this weekend [February 12-14] with UMG Carolina. Learn more about this event here.

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In Europe, there are two confirmed LAN events occurring: the first one is EGL 15, taking place March 5th-6th at the Truman Brewery in London. $25,000 and World League points are available to earn at this event. The second LAN event will be the Zenith at Paris by ESWC (May 6th-8th), which was announced earlier. More on the Paris event here.

In addition, there are a series of online events in Europe (all teams are allowed to compete), each with $5,000 prize pool:

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In Australia/New Zealand, there will be three online events:

Stay tuned for the latest Call of Duty World League News.

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