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Blizzard says Overwatch 2 is not releasing in 2021

Fans desperate to get their hands on Overwatch 2 will have to wait a little longer as Blizzard confirmed the sequel would not be out in 2021.



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Overwatch 2 is not going to be out in time for 2021 and the game is going to need a little while longer, according to Blizzard Entertainment.

In a recent financial call with the company’s President Jay Allen Black, it was confirmed that the hugely-anticipated sequel to 2015’s smash-hit multiplayer game, Overwatch, won’t be releasing this year. It was noted that Overwatch 2 has recently passed a “major internal milestone” and it is moving along nicely.

This will come as a disappointment to fans that are excited to see what Blizzard can come up with for the second game. Overwatch captured the hearts of many with its huge cast of lovable and memorable characters, its scintillating gameplay, and stunning artistic style.

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It’s a busy time for Blizzard at the moment as they are currently juggling several different projects at once. In addition to Overwatch 2, the company is also hard at work on Diablo 4, a World of Warcraft-themed version of Pokemon Go, and of course, more WOW content.

Throw into the mix the uncertainty surrounding the world and the tougher working conditions, and it’s forgivable that Blizzard might need a bit more time.

Mr. Brack also added to his comments saying that the Overwatch 2 team is “happy with how that game is progressing.”

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Overwatch 2 was first announced at BlizzCon 2019 and it was revealed that the game will feature both standard PvP action featured in the first game and new PvE content. An Overwatch 2 campaign could be a fascinating inclusion, and it’ll be interesting to see how Blizzard creates a captivating story using all of their wonderful characters.

We can assume that there might be more information filtering through as the year goes on. BlizzCon 2020, unfortunately, could not go ahead given the circumstances, but 2021 will feature an online event starting on Feb 19th.

It will celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary and there should be more news to come, here’s everything we know so far about Overwatch 2.

Image credits: Blizzard Entertainment