Warzone & Cold War Season 5 adds insane Dragon’s Breath & Akimbo shotgun

Zackerie Fairfax

Warzone and Cold War Season 5 will introduce an arsenal of brand-new weapons, including a powerful double-barrel Dragon’s Breath and Akimbo shotgun sidearm.

Season 5 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is less than a day away, and players have many new weapons to look forward to.

Some of these new weapons are more traditional, like the TEC-9 SMG. Yet, there are some more unorthodox additions, such as the Cane melee weapon.

However, the most devastating addition might be the Marshal secondary. Activision claims that the Marshal is the most powerful loadout pistol in Black Ops Cold War, and that’s before players add any of its attachments. Players who purchase the Powder Keg Bundle, or level up the base weapon, can unlock this weapon’s full potential.

Unlock Marshal Warzone Cold War

Marshal attachments add Dragon’s Breath and duel weilding

The sidearm shotgun is already insane, but Activision decided to ramp up this weapon’s power by allowing for two ridiculous attachments.

The first is Dragon’s Breath which replaces the Marshal’s normal 12 gauge rounds with incendiary rounds. These rounds make players take even more damage over time.

The second attachment, Akimbo, allows for players to dual wield two Marshals while also having Dragon’s Breath equipped. This deadly combo makes 1-shot kills easy at close range while also using burn damage to keep enemies at bay.

There are two different ways to unlock this combo. Players can purchase the Powder Keg Bundle which includes the Marshal’s Matchlock Blueprint when it arrives later in Season 5. This will automatically unlock the Marshal and both attachments.

Additionally, players can unlock both attachments by leveling up the Marshal.

warzone season 5 marshal secondary

When Warzone and Cold War Season 5 begins, players will more than likely be racing to unlock the Marshal.

However, those who purchase the blueprint bundle won’t have to worry about grinding to unlock its attachments. This insane combo will shred through opponents and set Verdansk ablaze.

For more Black Ops Cold War, check out the secret attachment that the XM4 received in the Season 5 update, and stay tuned for future news and guides.

Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch Studios