Top 5 tips to dominate Miami in Black Ops Cold War

Andrew Highton

Miami is a genuine bone of contention amongst the BOCW faithful due to its dark lighting and openness. But sometimes it’s good to play something for a bit of variety, so to try and find some enjoyment in it, here are 5 tips to own Miami.

Despite being an ideal representation of the 1980s aesthetic of Black Ops Cold War, Miami has faced backlash from lots of the Call of Duty community due to a couple of glaring issues.

Truth be told, the map isn’t THAT bad, and has some redeeming features and likable areas. So we’ll highlight them right now and help you to feel the energy of Treyarch‘s Miami a bit more.

1. The Hotel window

hotel balcony in miami in bocw

This is a great spot to target enemies that dare enter the barren wasteland of Miami’s exposed mid-section. The beauty of the window is that you’re equally as exposed.

It’s a hotspot for camping activity and earning a few hundred points. Plus, it overlooks flag B in Domination. You need to be constantly wary of enemies leading the charge to your hotel room, but a proximity mine should put those fears to bed, and in the grave.

2. Don’t go into the middle of the map

Unless you’re playing a fast-paced objective-based map that requires you to go to everywhere in a short space of time, just don’t do it. People will be scanning everywhere from the map’s prime spots. One building in the middle houses a rather dangerous Hardpoint that naturally attracts everyone to it.

There is too much open space and it will surely bring about your demise.

3. The beach is a good option

beach in miami in bocw

When you spawn and you feel like you’re miles away from the enemy, the instinct is to make your way through the dark alley of uncertainty then leads to Paramour. But guess what, the beach is a viable alternative too.

We find that few people opt for this route and it does provide a lot of cover. With boats, rocks, and decking to disguise your movements.

4. Cover is key

Some of Miami’s negativity arises because of its unapologetic lack of apparent lanes. It’s very open and free. So wherever you go, make sure to seek as much cover as humanly possible. Miami is one map that you don’t want to remain in the spotlight for too long.

5. If you dominate the bar, you can dominate the game

Paramour bar in miami in bocw

Everyone knows this building. It connects three different, crucial spots that allow you to gain an advantage. Once you’re upstairs, you’ll be able to commandeer control of the stairs leading up to it from the alley, you can overlook the downstairs bar area AND people running past outside, plus you can spot one of the spawn points near the hotel.

Some careful management is required here to hold it down for a sustained period of time, but if you can, then the points are yours.

With these tips now buried in your brain, Miami should now be more bearable and you can take advantage of it. So go and enjoy the vibe.

Image Credits: Treyarch