New Cold War Maxis Bundle is turning players invisible in Zombies

Nicholas Sakadelis
Black Ops Cold War Samantha Maxis Bundle

Players are buying their new Maxis Bundle for Black Ops Cold War and noticing that the Maxis player model is invisible in their games in Zombies mode.

UPDATE: Treyarch has informed that there’s actually no invisibility issue in MP with the Maxis bundle. Players in MP are seeing an issue where Maxis will show up as Adler in game instead of Maxis. The issue with invisibility is occurring only in Zombies mode, where it effects both the player’s POV and the enemies sight.

Treyarch is working to fix this issue ASAP.

Treyarch has acknowledged the issue on their Trello board, saying “the occasional invisibility bug only occurs in Zombies, not MP. When it does occur, the Operator shows as invisible for all players in Zombies, not just the player’s POV. In MP, the player will occasionally spawn in as Adler.” The studio confirms that “a fix is being deployed shortly. In the meantime, use Quick Equip in the Bundle Locker as a workaround to use Maxis as intended.”

Original Story follows below.

Black Ops Cold War’s second season is off to an interesting start with the launch of its flagship Maxis bundle, retailing for 2,400 COD Points in the store. While many players may not have any issues running the brand new operator in Multiplayer and Zombies, some players have reported huge issues while running her across all platforms.

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According to a Reddit post from user Sticky-Lemons, it appears that the Samantha Maxis operator actually can appear completely invisible to players in-game, or even default to another skin instead. You can see the bug in action in the video below, where the Redditor recorded his experience spawning into the new Firebase Z map, with no operator in sight.

After arriving at the map, the user was also unable to see their operator’s view model or weapons, and according to other Reddit posts, was also incapable of receiving damage from Zombies on the map, making their character completely invulnerable.

Another report from commenter JeffFronks reports that he also runs into this exact issue in Zombies and when spawning into multiplayer. The Maxis operator is replaced with an Adler skin instead, further adding to the confusion.

Luckily, it appears players won’t have to wait too long for a fix, as Community Manager of Treyarch, Josh Torres has confirmed that the team is aware of the glitch and is actively tracking the issue.

We are unaware of exactly which players will be affected by this glitch, or if it’s specifically based on the platform you’re using. At the time of writing, our team has attempted to use Maxis on both PS5 and PC and has seen no issues loading up into Zombies or Multiplayer games.

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Stay tuned to @charlieINTEL or the official Treyarch Twitter for any updates regarding this bug.

Image Credit: Treyarch/Activision

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