Glitch reveals new Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Operators & weapons

Liam Mackay

A glitch in Black Ops Cold War allowed a player to access the content store early, revealing the new operators and melee weapons to purchase in Season 1.

Black Ops Cold War x Warzone Season 1 kicks off on December 16, bringing the content store with it. Since Call of Duty removed loot boxes for Modern Warfare, in-game cosmetics are purchased through bundles in the content store.

When Season 1 launches, Cold War and Warzone will integrate, so operators and cosmetics purchased in either game can be brought into Verdansk.

A Black Ops Cold War player managed to access the upcoming content store, seeing the bundles that will be available for purchase December 16.

Upcoming bundles

Reddit user ‘Blingonate’ posted some of the bundles that are coming to Cold War and Warzone after the game allowed them to preview the store.

We already know that new operator Stitch will be included in Season 1 from his introduction in the official trailer.

Now, we have our first look at new operators Zenya and Bulldozer. In the same way that Modern Warfare introduced new Operators outside of the Battle Pass, they are purchased through their own bundles with additional cosmetics.

Bulldozer comes with the ‘Blitz’ skin, where he’s heavily armored and wears a welding helmet.

Included in the pack are green tracer blueprints for the M16 and the Hauer 77. Unique to this character, there is also a new Sledgehammer Melee Weapon which doubles up as his Finishing Move.

Zenya is wearing her ‘Nitro’ outfit with a baseball cap and tactical vest. She comes with dismemberment effects blueprints for the MP5 and another unspecified weapon.

As well as the bundles containing new Operators, Sims, Beck, Portnova, and Baker will all receive bundles.

Portnova’s bundle, titled ‘Disavowed Assassin,’ is Kill Bill inspired. Her skin has her wearing a yellow biker suit resembling the suit worn by Uma Thurman in the Tarantino movies. The calling card is also called ‘Black Mamba’ which is Thurman’s character’s codename in the films.

The bundle comes with a blueprint for the new Wakizashi Melee Weapon, which is a traditional Japanese sword worn by the Samurai. Unlike the dual Kodachis from Modern Warfare, this will be a single sword.

Other than these new items, the new bundles will include standard extras such as charms and watches.