Cold War players call for changes to overpowered Trophy Systems

Andrew Highton
cod cold war trophy system

A go-to piece of equipment for almost every Black Ops Cold War player, the Trophy System is a valuable item. But it leans on the side of being too strong, and CoD players want its power to be lessened.

For games of Cold War, and even Warzone, the Trophy System helps to protect players from incoming devices that can typically end you in no time. It really comes into its own in objective-based modes such as Hardpoint and Domination where you need to protect a target.

The location will usually be subject to a plethora of grenades and semtex, but they will be rendered useless once the Trophy System picks them out of the air. However, Call of Duty players believe that its capabilities are too much, and it needs to be nerfed in several ways.

cod cold war trophy system

The first complaint directed towards it from a Cold War Reddit post is that it shouldn’t be able to destroy certain ammo.

At present, the Trophy System is adept at destroying anything thrown, when it should only be explosive devices. Yet, it can also shoot down Crossbow bolts and Ballistic Knives. “It doesn’t even make sense when you consider the info given about the trophy system given in-game let alone a real-life trophy system. It’s neither a ‘thrown equipment’ nor a ‘launcher round’.

“Now if the crossbows had an exploding or thermite bolt attachment then okay, it makes sense. But as of now, it’s just sticks of metal that shouldn’t be affected,” said lolbro237.

Another big issue with the Trophy System is that it’s extremely powerful for living players, especially its owner. But players argue that if the owner of the device dies, then the Trophy System should disappear with them.

The_Justiniano said, “What’s even worse is that they stay after you die. Why? If you die, certain equipment should despawn…”

Similar to how strong the Flak Jacket has been since the game’s launch, the Trophy System has remained a constant nuisance to all that come up against one.

Given that we’re now so far into Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s release, we’d be surprised to see the Trophy System receive any major changes now.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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