Cold War Mar 11 update has broken the FARA 83 with weird glitch

Andrew Highton
cod cold war fara 83

Despite some fixes and playlist alterations, the March 11 update has also had an adverse effect on Black Ops Cold War as the FARA 83 has glitched.

Updates generally clean up a few lingering issues in a game and usually offer some fresh changes that are more than welcome. The March 11 update and patch notes have begun prep work for Season 2’s new, upcoming map, introduced a much-requested feature, and a lot more.

As well as many other things, the update also seems to have broken one of the newest weapons to the Black Ops Cold War – the FARA 83 Assault Rifle.

Update: Thanks to a message from Treyarch’s Community Manager Josh “Foxhound” Torres, we can now confirm that this has been fixed and shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

cod black ops cold war season 2 fara 83

Added alongside the fearsome new LC10 submachine gun, the FARA 83 joined the rest of the firearms in Black Ops Cold War as part of a free tier in the newest CoD Battle Pass.

We’ve mentioned how powerful and accurate it is, but it’s also got a decent set of iron sights perched at the end of the gun. However, the March 11 update has tampered with them in such a way it negatively impacts the gun.

LastLaugh2NHalf submitted evidence to Reddit that shows the FARA 83’s attachments to improve the weapon’s attributes can be completely obtrusive. The picture shows the player aiming down the weapon’s sight, only to have their view completely blocked out by another attachment.

The dot sight is not only completed negated by the other attachment, but the gun’s natural iron sight would be equally impaired too.

We can’t help but laugh at the obvious irony of the intrusive attachment displaying an “On” and “Off” switch right in front of your eyes – you might actually have to turn it off in the main menu for the time being.

Image credits: Treyarch