CI Podcast #9: PRESTIGE Returns in Black Ops Cold War & Sally Is a Dog Interview

Black Ops Cold War sees the arrival of fantastic new elements that add to the already exhilarating gameplay loop.

Mike & Keshav welcome SallyIsADog to Episode #9 of the CharlieIntel Podcast. During this week’s episode, we discuss the progression & prestige systems in the much-anticipated Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

SallyIsADog also speaks about his recent rise to stardom on TikTok, amounting 1.4 million followers almost overnight. We also look at whether the PlayStation exclusives on this year’s CoD are worthwhile, and react to a clip of NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman playing with stream snipers.

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Dubbed ‘the future of Warzone’, with it moving forward through Black Ops Cold War, and Modern Warfare, these new progression systems are sure to completely turn over how we approach these games going forward.

With a poll posted on charlieINTEL Twitter that received close to 140k votes, 88% of players wanted to see a prestige system added to return in the new game. Mike and Keshav go into further detail about all of these new systems, followed by an interview with the fantastic SallyIsADog.

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