What’s the best SMG in Cold War Season 5? Every gun ranked & tier list

cod black ops cold war operator aiming down smg

Sometimes there’s no better rush than dashing around a map at the speed of light and flexing the might of a rapid SMG. To help you understand Black Ops Cold War more, here are all of Season 5’s SMGs tiered and ranked from worst to best.

Despite the mouthwatering selection of guns that CoD: Cold War has to offer, we’re pleased to report that SMGs are definitely not surplus to requirements. In fact, some of them can even pass as a primary weapon to use 24/7.

SMGs are mobile, allow you to move quicker, and they are very versatile across every game mode and all of Black Ops Cold War’s maps. The TEC-9 is the latest SMG to be welcomed to the game, and we’ll see where it, and all the other SMGs, rank in Cold War Season 5.

CoD: Black Ops Cold War: SMG tier list

cold war raid map combat

Before we do a deep, analytical look at each of the game’s SMGs, we’re first going to grade each one to let you know what’s good and bad.

Just to explain the system:

  • S-Tier weapons are the top-of-the-line powerhouses
  • A-Tier are amazing
  • B-Tier weapons are just missing something
  • C-Tier ones are not worth your time

Here is our official tier list of all of Treyarch’s Black Ops Cold War’s SMGs:

  • S-Tier: LC10, AK-74u, Bullfrog, KSP 45, PPSH-41, Milano 821, TEC-9, OTs 9
  • A-Tier: MP5, Nail Gun
  • B-Tier: MAC-10
  • C-Tier:

CoD: Black Ops Cold War best SMGs

11. MAC-10

cod black ops cold war mac-10

The Cold War MAC-10 behaves very differently to the Warzone MAC-10 as its recoil is borderline ridiculous.

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Its devastating offense is offset by its inability to fire in a straight line no matter what gizmos you slap on it. Not only that, but two seconds of firing will send the barrel pointing directly towards the moon, and it makes the MAC-10 very difficult to control.

If you’re in a fight up close then it’s far more manageable, but it’s really not suited for anything other than a few meters of combat.

10. MP5

mp5 smg in cod black ops cold war

So good that it had to be severely nerfed in Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War. The MP5 is an incredibly distinctive firearm that even non-gun people would recognize in a heartbeat.

It’s still as deadly as ever, possesses a great iron sight, and boasts tremendous range for an SMG. If anything it’s still a viable option to use, it’s just that others have come along, been buffed, and dethroned it.

Also, check out the cool John McClane MP5 East Egg.

9. Nail Gun

cod black ops cold war nail gun

The Nail Gun strolled onto the scene as the cool kid on the block. It was instantly different from anything else, and as such people gravitated towards it in a flash.

Its charm and appeal have cooled a lot since Season 4’s launch, but the Nail Gun is still surprisingly powerful and slots into the SMG category perfectly. It becomes a match made in heaven in Hardcore, where health is drastically reduced, but its ammo clip simply doesn’t cut the mustard in Standard.

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Players have bemoaned the fact they can’t customize Special Weapons, and this lets down a potentially devastating Nail Gun.

Here’s how you can unlock the Nail Gun to use.

8. Bullfrog

bullfrog smg in cod black ops cold war

A big thing to note about the Bullfrog is its obscene starting ammunition. The reason for this is that the Bullfrog rips its way through a clip as fast as a dog breaking down a door to chow down a tasty steak.

This simultaneously leads us onto the gun’s glaring weakness, the Bullfrog sprays and prays – even whilst you’re aiming. Regardless of recoil-reducing attachments, it is a vicious beast that is hard to control, but one hell of a vicious beast that can destroy teams on tightly-packed maps.

7. Milano 821

milano 821 smg in cod black ops cold war

It looks very similar to the MAC-10, it handles very similarly to the MAC-10, but it’s slightly more accurate than the MAC-10.

Its range and speed were buffed significantly not too long ago, making the Milano 821 far more viable than it once was. The mobility of the Milano 821 is a superb asset and makes the SMG quite a solid option. Its range definitely suffers and isn’t as dangerous as it is in Warzone, but the Milano 821 could definitely get you some kills.

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6. PPSH-41

cod cold war ppsh-41 smg

The PPSH-41 has been a long-time fan-favorite in the Call of Duty franchise as it meets all the requirements to be a top-tier ticking timebomb of devastation.

It’s fast and ferocious, and its lengthy ammo clip gives you plenty of room to maneuver. It can easily be adapted to suit different game modes, and the only downside is that, like the Bullfrog, its innate SMG qualities can make it a bit inaccurate. It hasn’t been messed around with that much by Treyarch, highlighting the balanced state the weapon is in right now.

Also, find out how to unlock PPSH-41 in Cold War & Warzone.

5. AK-74u

ak-74u smg in cod black ops cold war

Is there anything bad about the AK-74u? Nope. Is there any reason you shouldn’t use it? Nope. Would we recommend it? Absolutely.

For the longest time, this has been the standard-bearer for SMGs in Black Ops Cold War. Accurate, powerful, and is extremely adaptable with regards to how you want to set it up. There’s no reason not to use this in Season 5. Yes, it can be slightly wayward at times, but that’s the only reason not to consider using this incredible SMG.

4. OTs 9

ots 9 in cod cold war

Cold War players took to the OTs 9 far more than they did when both guns were added by Treyarch in Season 4. It was quick, powerful, and fairly accurate to boot.

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As most small guns suffer from, its range leaves a little to be desired, but it’s definitely not the end of the world given its power and precision. Marks do have to be deducted for its limited availability though, its unlock challenges were, and still are, very unreasonable – for multiplayer and Zombies.

3. KSP 45

ksp 45 in cod black ops cold war

One much-needed buff elevated the KSP 45 in more ways than anyone could’ve imagined. From Cold War’s launch, the KSP 45 didn’t know if it wanted to be an SMG or a Tactical Rifle.

But increases in its firepower and speed have managed to fire it into contention as a solid SMG choice in Cold War Season 4. A new SMG and a slight nerf to the KSP 45 have brought it down a notch, but this burst-fire brute can still decimate the opposition.

2. TEC-9

tec-9 smg in cold war

One of the most unique guns in all of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The TEC-9 starts off as a semi-automatic SMG and can be altered to be either a burst-fire gun or a fully automatic SMG.

Its fully automatic form is where things get a lot more interesting though, with players even complaining about its overpowered nature. It beams enemies at all distances and is very effective in all its identities it can assume. It feels like the TEC-9 is here to assert it dominance in Cold War.

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Here’s how to unlock TEC-9 in Warzone & Cold War Season 5.

1. LC10 – Best SMG in Black Ops Cold War

cod black ops cold war lc10Activision

The LC10 feels like a hidden, overpowered weapon you get at the end of an FPS campaign as a reward for finishing the game.

Despite its aesthetically confusing shape, and the fact that the LC10 finally got the nerf that fans had been asking for, the LC10 is still utterly relentless.

Even from Weapon Level 1, it’s astoundingly pinpoint accurate and beams everyone and everything. Its damage output more than suffices, and it’s superb across any distance and any game mode. It’s just the SMG to use in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Here’s how to unlock the LC10 in Back Ops Cold War.

That completes our list. These are the best SMGs ranked in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Be sure to check out the best guns in Cold War and the best guns in Warzone too!

Do you disagree with any of our selections? Be sure to let us know on our CharlieINTEL Facebook Page and CharlieINTEL Twitter Page!

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch